Healthy options for mums, dads and kids
Healthy options for mums, dads and kids
Maddie Race is your go-to Health Coach for mums, dads and kids. Maddie understands the frustrations families face and keeps her approach realistic and inspires her community to cut the junk and to get cooking using real ingredients.
Maddie Race
12:22 AM

Berry-Yogurt Bark

As parents it is our job to educate and train our children's palate not to love & crave the white poison - sugar. I want to re-create recipes that children and families can enjoy, guilt free. Recipes that are made with 'real ingredients' simple to create and delicious. Too often we are tricked into believing that food is good for us, which is so bad, but ultimately, the power is our hands. This week I share with you a recipe that is simple, delicious and a great snack for your children on these hot summer days. Read More