Healthy options for mums, dads and kids
Healthy options for mums, dads and kids
Maddie Race is your go-to Health Coach for mums, dads and kids. Maddie understands the frustrations families face and keeps her approach realistic and inspires her community to cut the junk and to get cooking using real ingredients.
Maddie Race
3:11 AM

What does a Health Coach do? This is an inspiring 'real life' story of my work.

A real life insight to a family that I had the pleasure of working with for 8 months of 2016. I recognise that the role of a parent has enormous responsibilities, it is the blue print for our children how to behave as adults. We need to think about this, what path are you creating for your child's adult life? We are the role models, to our children when they become an adult. Think for yourself how you behave today is a replica of your childhood memories. I want to be a positive influence on assisting and guiding families to get back on the rails, and create the happiest and healthiest path possible for our future leaders of this world, our children. Read More