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My Story, my passion & the journey...

I will fill you in with a little secret, here is my story......
I always had a love of cooking. My origin is of Italian decent...I was made in Italy & born in Australia! The love of food runs through my blood, I am never too far away from the kitchen, just like a true Italian Nonna! If i'm not cooking, I'm talking about food, reading cook books or watching cooking shows.
About me....my story, why am I here doing what I do today? This photo was taken in the beautiful Italian seaside town of 'Ortona' my late mothers place of birth....and a place I suppose where it all began for me. In this photo is my nonna [middle wearing the apron!] my gorgeous mum & obviously me! I was fortunate to travel to Italy with my mum & my youngest brother, when mum was unfortunately diagnosed with stomach cancer, at a very young age. At the time I was 11, my baby brother - almost 2.
This was a special trip, especially for mum, as she knew time was precious. She wanted to visit Italy to see her mum, brothers and sisters - and fortunately for me, I was at an age, where I can remember this trip so vividly! Meeting cousins, aunts, uncles, grand parents it was just wonderful! It was all about food, sharing, giving, inspiring, love and cherishing moments...and it now helped me put the pieces together today why I am so passionate about food and cooking.
Upon loosing our dear mother with her battle a few years later at the tender age of 38....we were a young family who had lost one of the most inspirational, loving, giving souls, who was loved by hundreds...at the time it was awful, a 13 year old without a mum....but it was up to me to get these boys in my family organised, and take the reigns, to cook, to shop, to plan meals & somehow, I knew what to do! Mums are amazing!

Now this is not a story for you to feel sorry for me - I am just fine, in fact, my life is amazing. It is lessons in life that makes us appreciate what we have, it is not about material things. This life experience ignited a passion for me.....if I love cooking, I love inspiring, I love creating, I love kids, I love people - put it all together & get out there & just do it! It may have taken me 40 years to reach my destiny, it is never too late. When I became a mum, I realised how fortunate I was, to be healthy and to live healthy and what an important job it is to be a positive role model in the eyes of your children and all children. We are nurturing tomorrows leaders, entrepreneurs, citizens that will carry our traditions forward, and shape the world....and I want to help and do my bit!

Upon reaching my 30's I found the most wonderful man, who would later become my husband, and father to our 2 children. I was fast approaching 40, and although I was working, I had this burning desire to teach people how to cook. From this desire, this passion my business Kids Say Yum was earthed. It is a business that is full of passion, belief, and inspiration. Food education is important to me, and I want to inspire kids and their families that food does matter. By teaching the skills of cooking, food safety & hygiene, and engaging kids in the kitchen, they will have a better educated opinion to food and how important it is to eat well to live well. 
My business quickly grew, and I had a strong following of eager kids & adults wanting to cook & learn this valuable life skill. As I spoke to more & more people about food, it became apparent to me that there are a lot of people want & need help in the world of healthy eating. This then took me on the path to seek some nutritional training. I wanted to have a qualified and educated opinion so I could further help my clients.

My journey with IIN has been amazing. I have been through a personal transformation, and discovering an amazing healthy life that I can proudly say is perfect for me. What I love the most since my training, is the control on my families diet, knowing what foods trigger certain emotions in my children, de-bunking all those myths & being a confident mum, where I strive to teach my family to live a healthy, wholesome life.

It has taken me many many years to get to this point, and my kids still do like the occasional treat - they are human after all! But I can say, I have come a very long way with our attitude to food, I have cleaned up our diet completely - no longer will you find packets of biscuits in our pantry [I was quite fond of a scotch finger biscuit dipped in my morning coffee - eekk!] chips - no more, sugary cakes & treats - no more! Instead we eat a high plant based diet, our pantry is full of nuts, seeds & whole foods, all great ingredients, and guess what - the kids accept this! I will not happen overnight, but it will happen, if you want it to!

M Y   F A M I L Y  - 2 0 1 6
L to R: Maddie (46) Jacob (13) Maria (12) Geoff (43)
I am passionate about health. I know first hand the positive effects a healthy diet has on your wellbeing & life. I am a mum, have struggled through the myths, and I can personally vouch for every mums challenge out there. It all begins with food...
It all begins with mum. I want mums to look after themselves first, it is up to mums to set the pace in the kitchen. Kids are the biggest imitators - be someone great to imitate.
I have a goal to inspire as many people who cross my path to find the love for cooking healthy meals for themselves and their loved ones. I want you to cook with love and eat for health.

Let food be thy medicine - I will inspire you to cook nutritious meals, listen to your body & feel great.


As a Certified Health Coach, I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With my knowledge, we co-create completely personalised actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.  


Some of my achievements:
Ambassador to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. 
Top 10 finalist 2014 Australia/NZ Ausmumprenuer Awards, in the catergory 'Making a Difference'
Winner 'Heart & Edge' Award 2015 - Ausmumpreneur network.
Media appearances - Chelsea/Mordialloc Leader, Mentone Newspaper.
Feature blogger - Casa de Karma.
Author - E-Book, 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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