An easy gluten free, superfood breakfast.

CADA Muesli2

BREAKFAST should be a meal that nourishes the well rested body. It was not until I respected the importance of breakfast that I started to really pay attention to what I was fuelling my body with upon first rising. 
Can I share with you what I used to have for breakfast? it is a little frightening for me to reflect, however when I reflect it shows me how far I have really come. How my attitude to eating changed, and when I changed my attitude to eating and cared about what I was eating, this quickly transferred to connecting with what my kids and husband were eating too. A typical start to my day many years ago included;
Wholemeal slice of toast, with toppings that would vary from peanut butter, jam, vegemite or sadly sometimes I would dip into NUTELLA......yikes!!! This would be washed down with a cup of tea. This my friends is NOT how you fuel your body upon rising. I didn't realise how unhealthy I was and I had no zing for life, with my moods constantly fluctuating - no wonder!!!

You can see why I just love creating bright, healthy & fresh breakfast dishes. I have come a full 360°......and for good reason - I feel great, I feel lighter in body and mind, I feel younger and I have alot more vitality with inspiration to move my body more.

I am a thermomix owner, and this recipe is specially designed for the thermy, however and high powered food processor will cut through this recipe and do it justice. I urge you to give this recipe a try, it can easily be ade in advance, stored in glass jars, and pop into your lunch-bag as you run out the door on those early morings where you don't have time to eat breakfast. I challenge you to ditch the toast, and try a CADA!

CADA MUESLI - coconut, almond, date, apple
Makes 1 x large or 2 small serves

40 grams / 1/4 cup almonds
30 grams / 1/3 cup shredded coconut
2 medjool dates, pitted
1 green apple, skin on, cut into quarters
1/4 wedge lime, skin removed

Yogurt dressing;
1/3 cup greek full fat yogurt
4 large mint leaves, shredded
juice & zest of 1/4 lime
1/2 teaspoon rice malt syrup [optional]

Fresh berries to serve

1. Place all muesli ingredients into your thermy/high speed food processor. Blitz on high speed for approx 30 - 60 seconds, [Thermy - pulse on turbo 3 - 4 times] until it has reached your desired consistency. I like my muesli slightly course.
2. To make your dressing, add all ingredients to a bowl, mix well.
To serve, place muesli into bowl, top with a generous dollop of yogurt & top with fresh berries.

Can be stored in the fridge for 2 days.