R A W food & how to eat more of it!

I have never been educated on the benefits of incorporating more food into your daily diet. I grew up knowing that you should eat more fruit and vegetables because it will make you strong and healthy, but I really never thought deeper to this, and really understood the W H Y ??

U N T I L  N O W !!

A diet high in plant based foods that have never been heated above 42ºC are a rich source of natural antioxidants and other nutrients. This type of diet os commonly referred to a 'raw food diet'. It is an un-cooked vegan or vegetarian diet. Live food contains enzymes that act as catalysts for detoxification and absorption of nutrients. Green leafy vegetables are also the best source of alkaline minerals, which contain the best fibre and can also have calming affects to your system.


I don't want to bore you too much with the science - so keeping it simple, think about using more raw foods in your diet, and if you persist, you will notice a significant change in your health, complexion and energy.

There is no need to cook E V E R Y T H I N G !!!

I have been on a serious health crusade for just over 12 months. I am mindful about what I eat, and I am reaping the benefits.
My normal diet prior consisted of food like:
Get ready for it..........
B R E A K F A S T:: Toast with peanut butter/nutella/vegemite, a cup of tea
M O R N I N G  T E A:: Another cup of tea or coffee - with a sweet homebaked treat.
L U N C H:: Toasted sandwich, leftovers from dinner, sometimes a salad wrap, eggs on toast or lunch on the run was often sushi, or if I was craving hot food - a meat pie, sausage roll or toasted foccacia.
A F T E R N O O N  T E A:: Apple or muesli bar
D I N N E R:: Pasta, rice, meat based meals, with an addition of vegetables.

When I look back, my diet was high in simple carbs - bread/pasta/rice, not a lot of raw food, everything was cooked or toasted [comfort food] nothing colourful [fresh fruit & vegetables were minimal] and I was always craving sugar!!

I wanted to show you an insight to what my diet was like prior to being educated on the power of food. I thought I was healthy, because I cooked alot, which is great - but the ingredients and meals were offering little nutritional benefits to me and my family.

I now enjoy a diet that is full of an abundance of colour, fresh produce and alot of raw food. It is easy to eat, easy to digest and gives you so much vitality and energy.
The more I work with clients, the more I realise people lack inspiration on how to shift focus away from a typical lunch roll. I love creating fresh lunch options, and today I want to share with you some of my favourite lunchtime favourites.

RAW-VEGETABLE SUSHI: [pictured above]
This is an easy spin on your traditional rice sushi. 
  • Take 1 x nori sheet
  • Spread a nice amount of hummus/and or mashed avocado on sheet, taking care not to rip the nori. Find my fave hummus recipe - [CLICK HERE]
  • Top with your favourite vegetables, some great combinations include - baby spinach - fresh, uncooked beetroot, grated - carrot, grated - a sprinkle of tuna. Another great combo includes - avocado, carrot grated, alfalfa sprouts, boiled egg, feta cheese - yummo!! You can also add in a little sprinkle of cooked quinoa or brown rice - possibilities are endless!
  • Roll up your vegetable sushi and enjoy!

Another great quick an delicious lunch option without bread is the humble rice cake. The trick with the rice cake is to ensure you purchase wholegrain, brown rice cakes - without flavourings.RiceCakeVegetable
Try the following combos:
  • Avocado, tomato, sprouts & light crumble of feta.
  • Hummus, alfalfa, sliced boiled egg
  • Hummus, cucumber & feta
  • Hummus, grated carrot, sprouts
  • Avocado, boiled egg, pepitas
  • Nut butter, apple slices, chia seeds
  • Nut butter, banana, pepitas

Hope this inspires you to eat more fresh food for lunch. Remember the trick is to 'add in' new foods to your diet, find what works for you and your tastebuds. Tweaking recipes, making them your own and keep going!!!

Don't forget to share your lunch creations with me on social media - find me on:
Instagram Maddie Race - Health Coach
Facebook: Maddie Race - Health & Wellness

Maddie is a certified health coach, and works with her clients in establishing healthy lifestyle changes, that have a positive impact on their health - taking a holistic approach. One on one coaching sessions with Maddie will inspire you way beyond words can say. Maddie is passionate about improving health in families, by inspiring them to cook more from scratch using fresh local ingredients, and quick family friendly recipes, that the whole family will enjoy. Part of Maddie's coaching sessions include education on the effects food can have on a persons diet - Food can either be your friend or your poison, with Maddie's help, you can identify what is best for you. Maddie is well know in her local community for her inspiring cooking classes, and community work. Maddie is friendly, welcoming and will make you feel part of her family instantly. If you are constantly struggling with weight, anxieties of life, feeling flat, tired or bloated - you need to speak with Maddie!



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