Food and Mood - New Beginnings

Life is all about the highs and the lows. The moments where either great memories are created, or moments when you have hit rock bottom, and you are living the worst day of your life. My life has been full of great moments, and I have had my fair share of tragedy.

One thing I have discovered is that if you are living a healthy life, both mentally and physically, moments of adversity are tackled in a very different way.


The food that we eat has a direct impact to our emotions. When we eat, we create a chemical function in our body. Without going into too much science, and to put it simple - if we eat real food such as fruit and vegetables, our body can digest these a lot easier than say a steak or a hamburger. Many people quite often use the term 'Food Coma' particularly after a weekend of over indulgence. When we hit the 'coma' stage, we feel lethargic, bloated, we have lost our zing, clouded, feeling of regret, poor self image.....the list goes on. If we continue to do this day after day, we compound the problem. Days, months and years go by and we look back at ourselves and wonder why and how. Before too long, we are craving sugar, caffeine and relying on various types of stimulants to pick up our mood.

Imagine a month of eating seasonal fresh produced, cooked from scratch, with no processed food what so ever - just reading this instantly make me feel lighter and happier!

Without my health, a recent major life event could have easily taken me into a world of mental illness, self-pity and negative mindset.

8 months ago, our family faced one of the toughest challenges, where we lost our family home and all our belongings to a fierce house fire. It was one of the worst days of my life, and I had to dig deep into my perseverance tool kit and find all the strength and positivity I had to lead my beautiful family through the dark tunnel until I could see the faint light. The following days and weeks right after the fire, I was completely stripped of my entire kitchen and my much-loved pantry - full of whole foods. Everything we ate, was either fresh or made from scratch. Living in temporary accommodation put our family into a position of having to eat convenience foods, more takeaway and pre-made items that our bodies were not normally used to. My kids lunch-boxes went from homemade items to tiny teddies, shapes and bakers delight lunches with a piece of fruit - even they commented on how unusual and weird of me it was to pack such items! I was forced to take shortcuts, and as convenient as it may have be - we all felt yuk!!!

For the next 6 weeks, as we slowly got back on our feet, I was showered with donations of fresh fruit, vegetables, free range eggs - I slowly could get back to feeding my family beautiful food that would not only nourish our body, but it would also nourish the soul, because the food was cooked with love.

As I reflect back to those days, I can confidently say that our moods were dark during that period, not only dark because of what had happened, but also dark because of the food we were eating. As we shifted back to our normal lifestyle, we experienced a much happier, harmonious and positive outlook to our situation. 

For anyone who may be reading this, take a moment and think about the food that you are putting into your body. As yourself is it food that will give you a positive experience or a negative one?

It is all about being MINDFUL about our actions.

As we move into the Easter break, and we congregate with family and friends with an abundance of food, alcohol and chocolate - I ask you to be kind to yourself, connect with your body and know when you have reached your limit. Be strong enough to say no, but still have fun - find the balance. 

Food is more than just filling our tummies, it can make us happier and healthier or........grumpy and unhealthy!!

In closing, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter break - take some quite time to read a nice book, eat delicious food, live in the present and treat yourself to a chocolate SMOOTHIE!

Valencia oranges are in abundance at the moment and it has inspired me to create a Jaffa smoothie recipe for you all! Now you can have a guilt free Easter, indulge in the only chocolate that will love you back!

If this story has inspired you to start somewhere and adapt a healthier happier life and you don't know where to start - feel free to contact me today for an initial FREE health consultation, where I can show you how we can work together so you can achieve your personal health goals and get back on track to a healthier, happier you!


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