The Journey of Me

Sometimes it is important to reflect on your life, to identify your losses, successes and life moments that define your future and who you are.

This is part of my story.

Rewind 16 years ago. I had just turned 30, and I was miserable. I had been in a long-term relationship for 10 years, with no commitment in sight. I couldn't understand why I wasn't good enough to marry. I was desperate to become a wife, and more importantly a mother. I was fretting, because time was running out. I looked at my life, and I was wondering where it was heading. My personal relationship life was screwed, it couldn't get any worse, but my corporate life was on fire, successful, determined and I was un-stoppable. Was this the problem, too much focus on work and money, and not enough attention on the toxic relationship??

In 2000 my long term relationship ended, I received a promotion, and moved to Melbourne. This was the break I needed. As hard as it was to leave all my family and friends behind, pack up my life [what was left of it] and travel 1000kms south from NSW to Victoria, and start a new life it had to happen.

The millennium was a write off; I made a New Year resolution that I would chase my dreams, live the life I wanted to live. 2001 bought many new beginnings for my new life in Melbourne. There were many hours spent soul searching and many hours reflecting on my past. I took me a while to settle into my new life I didn't know where things would end up. I was making loads of awesome new friends, enjoying city life and lots of partying - but that was only part of the life I wanted. At 30, I was deep down missing that link to my life - where is my husband and where are my kids?

I worked in the corporate world, had a highly paid role in a large corporation. I had it all, company car, corporate travel, events, disposable income......it was great! But still I was missing the link.

As far as my health was concerned....well lets not talk about that, it was bad! Drinking, eating, weight, emotional, insecurities, you name it, I experienced it all! But on the outside, I hid it well.

Mid 2001, I met a man that would change my life. A man that would bring completion to my life, the man that I was meant to meet - my now husband! Within 6 months of meeting, we were engaged, and planning our wedding. In 2002, we married, had our 1st child [Jacob] and 14 months later had our second child [Maria]. Just amazing!
Life just felt complete. Married with kids and an amazing supportive hot husband.

After kids, I continued to work from home because we needed the income. I was a stay at home mum, in a new world. I had to find my own way around motherhood, as I had little support from family - because everyone lived so far away! My friends continued to party, and we moved from the city to a suburban community, where everything was new. We slowly made beautiful friends in our new community. 

My kids and my husband were my everything. Looking back though, I really didn't make the best choices to living a healthy life. I was a little careless with the food I would feed my kids. Processed food was high on my agenda, anything quick and easy, with a salad would be fine. I always had a passion for cooking and food, but the business of life as a mum, this really wasn't a priority at the time.

Looking back, we really didn't live a healthy family life. I was very stressed, my weight dropped dramatically and I was exhausted. But I thought this was normal. Every mum is physically exhausted right?
2004 - A happy mum - 2 kids under 2 - unhealthy and exhausted!


Years went by, until one day I asked myself 'What is my purpose?" "What am I passionate about, and what is going to drive me forward?"

My life journey had bought me to this point. Deep down I knew I had so much to give. With a little soul searching, and reflecting on life and the state of our health, something new was born.

Today, meet Maddie Race - the passionate Health Coach who is on a mission to inspire families to cook more at home, stop eating processed food and feed their kids whole foods, that will nourish their growing bodies.
2016 - A happy mum - 2 teenage kids - healthy & vibrant - thanks to living an educated life on health and wellness!

MUMS, feeling exhausted is not normal, having a coffee to get you through the day is not normal, battling with diets is not normal, feeling lost and alone is not normal.....

Normal is waking up, knowing your purpose, finding your passion and having the energy to get out there and chase your dreams.

Today is International Women’s Day. A day for all women to celebrate equality in the world. Just because you become a mum, doesn't mean you have to give up what you stand for. I wanted to share my story with you, because I know someone out there will read this story, and it will resonate with one or many women. If this story is the catalyst of change for one wonderful woman, it is worth opening up my life with the world.

I have walked the path of many mums, and from this I base my Health Coaching business. I can help you change the state of your health, because a healthy family starts with a healthy mum. I am the healthiest I have ever been before. I feel vibrant, younger and even the toughest of challenges will not crack me. With everything that I know, I can help you change your life.

If you want to know more about my Health Coaching programs please visit my website www.maddierace.com.au or drop me an email health@maddierace.com.au

Every family deserves to he healthy and happy.
Maddie x


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