You are what you eat, so don't be fast, fake or cheap!

If you need a little inspiration as to why we should eat healthy...here it is!


It is never too late to start looking after yourself, and adapting to a healthy, clean diet free from foods that inflame our system, cause us to feel bloated, sluggish and foggy.

I have been on a clean eating crusade on a 'serious' level for the last 12 months. Prior to adapting to this clean, healthy lifestyle, I was guilty of all the bad eating habits. Morning breakfasts were toast [on wholegrain bread, because that was my version of healthy] topped with peanut butter [store bought, and it's healthy fats right] topped with banana, because it was a fruit, and topped with a superfood like pepitas or chia seeds - this was my big tick of health!! I then used to chase it was a cup of tea......I would eventually get to water, but that was later in the day. Hmmmmm, loaded up with foods that due to lack of knowledge, would do nothing but spike my blood sugar levels, hold little nutritional benefits and cause cravings by the time 10:30am hit.

Thankfully due to my education at Nutrition School, my diet has improved significantly!
Here is how I now think and how I plan my meals, and how I eat...
  1. The base of my meal is Vegetables - in particular leafy greens, baby spinach is my best friend!!!
  2. Then add protein, this could be
    • meat, only 3 x times, such as grass fed beef, fish, hormone free chicken.
    • Eggs, beans, chickpeas, quinoa, brown rice
    • Nuts & seeds, like almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia, sunflower
    • More fruit & veggies - especially avocado, kale, sweet potato, cauliflower
  3.  Superfoods - like seeds as listed above, powders [in smoothies, oats & puddings for breakfasts]
  4. Healthy fats - coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia oil
  5. For gut health, apple cider vinegar to dressings, sauerkraut or kim chi.
  6. I drink lots of water - in excess of 2 litres/day, drink green tea every few days, I LOVE my daily smoothies - especially green smoothies, but I also do change the colours, because it is good for you! I also love my kombucha, try to drink at least 3 x times/week. And - I do have a coffee, only one, not necessarily everyday!
The changes to my diet and food choices, I have made a conscious effort to only eat minimal bread - in a week, I am lucky to have 2 slices. Limit white carbs, pasta, white rice and potatoes. If the family is eating pasta, I will eat a small portion, mixed with vegetables or make zoodles [zucchini noodles] and top it with the sauce, yum!! The only milk I have is in my coffee. I don't have sugar - no biscuits or sweet treats, if I need a sweet treat, I eat my homemade muesli bar, bliss balls or raw slices that I make.
Since adapting this was of eating, I have noticed significant positive effects on my health and wellness. I have more energy, I am less irritated with the kids, I don't crave foods on a daily basis, my complexion has improved, I sleep soundly, I’m less bloated, and hold a healthy weight, which is stable.

Best part is, I feel GREAT, and I am proud of my achievements!

M Y  F A M I L Y  -  2 0 1 6 

This info may overwhelm you, or you may feel like you are way off with your lifestyle & food choices. Don't be harsh on yourself; I just want to show you that it is possible to adapt a healthy lifestyle. All that it takes is willingness and motivation, which may come from the feeling that you are at the point of being 'fed up' with how you’re feeling.
In as little as 3 months, I can help you feel amazing. With my personal experiences, nutrition education and inspiring health coaching skills. I can help you! the hardest step to take is making that call or sending that email.
I specialise in improving the health and wellness of mums, I am passionate about kid’s health, I constantly see parents struggle with kids and their behaviour, and most of these can be managed with food an diet. I have the philosophy that if mum is healthy, and then the kids will be healthy to.
So if you want a healthy family, you want your family and yourself to live healthy happier lives of good health an longevity, you want to grow old with your partner, meet your grandkids and be a healthy senior – I need to meet you!
How much is all of this? For as little as $80 per session, or an unused gym membership & inspiring glossy magazines, I can change your life and have you looking fab!
Whilst you ponder if a Health Coach can help you, I invite you to join in to my

The challenge kicks off in a few weeks time, and it inspires you to add a healthy smoothie to your diet for 7 days. I provide the shopping list and the recipes. It is a fun community with many participants sharing their journey and experiences. Don't miss out on the fun!

Remember its 80% of what we eat & 20% exercise.

Health & Wellness to you all,
Maddie x


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